Books I've Read Recently

June 2009 Angels and Demons by Dan Brown.

December 2007 Audio in Media by Stanley R. Alten.

Read through page 266. Since I am no longer a student and have no actual written working agreement with PSU, it appears that I no longer have the ability to check out library books (including renewing this one) so I won't be finishing it.

June 2007 From Tin Foil to Stereo: The Evolution of the Phonograph by Oliver Read and Walter L. Welch

I've known about this book for a while and finally checked it out of the PSU library to do some technical reading.

July 2006 Chindi by Jack McDevitt

This book was a "take me" found on the break room table at work/school. Despite a number of negative reviews, I found it to be hard to put down.
Chindi takes place a few hundred years in the future when faster-than-light travel is common. Milky Way explorers have found the remains of a number of civilizations and the Noks, who repeatedly enter and leave an industrial age, but depletion of resources will not allow more advancement. The search for beings of at least an equivalent technical level has come up empty until a transmission is detected in the area of a neutron star. Chindi is the story of the mission to that star by an alient contact group to determine more about this signal.

June 2006 Coalescent by Stephen Baxter

This past winter I had heard of Baxter's newest, Transcendent, and had hoped to read it. But recently I found the first of the Destiny's Children trilogy in the bargain section at Barnes and Noble, so I decided to start at the beginning. After a while I realized I had already read one of Baxter's books, 1997's Titan, several years ago.

March 2004 The DaVinci Code by Dan Brown

A French museum curator is murdered, but before he dies he assembles a trail of hints using DaVinci paintings. The hints hope to keep alive an ancient group that holds the location of powerful religious artifacts the group will some day reveal to the public, while the Catholic church, knowing these items will ruin the church, wants them so it can continue to keep them hidden.