Section Finder

After operating 20 meters in the 2003 PA QSO Party and having a good deal of trouble with people who didn't know their ARRL section, I wrote Section Finder 1.00. This program lets the user find an ARRL section via the county. It has a data file that lists all counties and their sections in states with multiple ARRL sections.

Section Finder 1.00 came in quite useful in the 2004 PA QSO Party. Once again on 20 meters, I worked a number of stations in Florida, New York, and Texas that didn't know their sections. At least a half-dozen contacts were logged because the operator on the other end knew the county, and Section Finder came up the the section. During the QSO Party weekend, a great idea was hatched: allow the user to click on the match in the list box and copy the section to the clipboard. I've done that in Section Finder 1.01, as well as minimize the application once a selection has been made. With the section on the clipboard the user can then right-click the logging program's text box and paste the section.

Download Section Finder 1.01 as a self-extracting executable (about 240K in size) now!

I recently noticed county names for LAX and SJV sections are missing. This will be corrected shortly.