State QSO Parties List

The following list attempts to cite Web references to every QSO party in the country. It appears that a few states do not have such an event, and some that do don't have any information on the Web. Some of the dates on when these events are held are taken from other Web contest lists. As an added bonus, regional and Canadian parties are listed as well, although few of these have been identified.

Entries updated/confirmed in December 2007.

StateWhen held*Comments
7QPMay 5-6, 20077th Call Area QSO Party
Great Lakes SSMost recent info found is from 2005.
Mid-AtlanticMay 12-13 2007
New England1st full WE of MayURL is 404
AlabamaJune 7-8, 2008
Alaska3rd WE in MarchPage dated 1997.
Arkansas Sep 8-9, 2007
CaliforniaOct 6-7, 2007
ColoradoSep 20-21, 2008
DelawareFeb 3-4, 2007
FloridaApr 28-29, 2007 (4th full WE of Apr)
GeorgiaApr 12-13, 2008 (2nd full WE of Apr)
HawaiiAug 25-26 2007
IdahoMar 8-9, 2008 (2nd full WE of March)
IllinoisOct 19, 2008 (Sun of 3rd full WE)
IndianaMay 5-6, 2007 (1st full WE of May)
IowaNothing found.
KansasNothing found.
KentuckyNov 10-11, 2007
LouisianaFeb 10-11, 2007Per ARRL listing. Link to fails.
Maine1st WE in FebPage is undated; cannot determine how recent information is.
Maryland-DCAug 9-10, 2008
Massachusetts1st full WE in MayPage last updated in 2000.
MichiganApr 19, 2008 (3rd full WE in Apr)
MinnesotaFeb 2, 2008
MississippiFebruary 23, 2008Web site announces event, but no link to rules.
Missouri1st full WE in April
MontanaApr 13-15, 2007Site mentions party but no details found.
Nebraska April 28-29, 2007
NevadaMay 12, 2007Nevada Mustang Roundup
New HampshireFeb 10-12, 2007
New JerseyAug 18-19, 2007
New MexicoNothing found.
New YorkNothing found.
North CarolinaFeb 24-25 2008
North DakotaNothing found.
OhioAug 25, 2007 (4th Sat in Aug)
OklahomaMar 10-11, 2007
OntarioApr 21-22, 2007 (3rd full WE in Apr)
OregonMost links now point to 7QP
Pennsylvania Oct 13-14, 2007
QuebecJune 17 2006 (Sat immed. prec. 24 Jun)
Rhode Island Nothing found.
South CarolinaSep 15-16, 2007
South DakotaAug 30-31 2003Nothing newer found. Google returns Aug '07 Contest Calendar, but no SD entry!
TennesseeSep 7, 2008 2006
TexasSep 29-30, 2007 (last full WE in Sept)Northwest Amateur Radio Society
UtahNothing newer than 2002 found. Google returns May '07 Contest Calendar, but no UT!
VermontFeb 3-5, 2007
VirginiaMar 15-17, 2008
WashingtonSep 20-21, 2008 (3rd full WE in Sep)Washington State Salmon Run
West VirginiaJun 16-17, 2007
WisconsinMar 9-10, 2008
WyomingNo search results.
*Most recent dates found on Web sites, although generic (first full weekend...) dates are recorded as well, if found.