HTML FavsPage Builder History

1.02: Changed links to two-column layout. Fixed green color slider that didn't work. Changed link destination to new frame. Added title boxes to top of pages. Fixed bug where deleted entries were still listed on menu. Changed destination of "info" link to same frame as category links.

1.01: Added a few new features, such as the ability to flag a category as "hidden". The category and links are stored in the database, but if desired, can be kept from appearing on the actual menu. Rather than limiting the user to sixteen colors, 1.01 added RGB scrollbars. The output is entirely different, now using a framed look. One frame contains all the categories, and the other all the links from that category.

1.00: GUI implementation of a Perl program that processed a user-edited file. It worked, but hacking at the text file was not fun. This version was part of the site, but the site was not live at the time.

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