TinyCal 0.12: A New Interface!

TinyCal 0.12b Refreshed in December 2008

   TinyCal screen    

The new expanding-width interface for access to the options. Weekends are shown in green, and legal holidays in red. February 14, in purple, is a user-defined event, and February 12 is Lincoln's Birthday.

What do you do when you need to know the date, but don't have a calendar around? If you're like me, you'd point your mouse to the clock and wait for the date tooltip to pop up. But that's a waste of time, and doesn't help much if you need to go back or ahead a few weeks. So, I sat down with Delphi and wrote TinyCal. Download TinyCal version 0.12b, a 274,432 byte self-extracting executable file updated on December 15, 2008. This refresh corrects the incorrect mouseover display of January 2009's year when stepping by week.

TinyCal test version

None available.